Driving while holding your pet could get you a ticket

One Ohio village is making it a violation to hold a pet while driving.

The Village of Mantua, southeast of Cleveland, has adopted a new distracted driving law that includes writing, sending, or reading a text and the use of a cellular device for internet-based interactions a primary offense.

Also, drivers will not be allowed to hold an animal or allow an animal to distract their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.

This means if a police officer sees you holding your pet while driving you can be pulled over and cited.

Police said a violation of this ordinance will be a minor misdemeanor for a first offense and if convicted of a second offense within one year, or if a violation of this ordinance causes a vehicle collision resulting in personal injury to any person, a misdemeanor of the third degree.

Making a phone call or use of a hands-free or blue tooth device is not against the law.

This law also only applies to people driving vehicles on any street, highway, or property open to the public for vehicular travel. Those who are parked and not in the roadway are not in danger of being ticketed.

The Mantua Police Department said officers “will be ever vigilant on this topic.”

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