Former Local News Station to Become Cannabis Cultivation Center

Former Local News Station to Become Cannabis Cultivation Center

Max Rodriguez

The City of Palm Desert is going green, residents passed a tax measure on Cannabis businesses set to bring-in over $5,000,000 dollars each year, and now several businesses are getting read to open its doors within city limits.

Cannabis businesses are spreading like weeds in the Coachella Valley, the Principal Planner for Palm Desert, Eric Ceja said at least two retail shops will open before 2018 ends.

Ceja said, “Ultimately 11 cannabis retailers were approved, that includes six dispensaries and then five cultivators or manufacturers in the city.”

The West Coast Cannabis Club first opened shop in Cathedral city. The CEO of the company, Kenneth Churchill, said they will soon open two locations in Palm Desert, one for retail and another as a cultivation facility.

Churchill said, “The governments here are open to the industry and they treat us like normal businesses which we greatly appreciate.”

The cultivation center will open on 42650 Melanie Place, the large industrial building used to house a local television station in the past, however Churchill has a completely different concept in mind.

Churchill said, “Everywhere in between with chefs and cooks for the bakery, that will include delivery drivers for the distribution model that’s going to include trimmers, that’s going to include master growers.”

The center will employ about 100 people and the between the two Palm Desert locations, Churchill expects to pay about $3,000,000 in taxes each year.

However, one business over at Americore Mfg. Inc. Cabinets and Countertops have some reservations about the incoming tenant.

The General Manager for Americore, Luis Chavez, said, “As it is it’s already filled with cars here and it’s going to be double, and I know that’s going to be an issue for sure and the smell, all you need to do is go to Cathedral City that’s all you smell.”

Ceja said concerns about smell and location were all considered before any permits were given to business owners. He said the location of the cultivation center meets state and local regulations.

Ceja said, “No neighborhoods that are adjacent to it, really it is an industrial operation, industrial district where there’s not a lot of through traffic.”

As for Churchill and his staff, he said it is important for them to be good neighbors.

Churchill said, “We’re not scary, we are new and I understand that it is new for a lot of people but we’re here to do it the right way and make sure we are contributing member of the community.”

The West Cannabis Club retail space will open in about two weeks in Palm Desert, while the cultivation center is still months out from opening its doors.