UCR and Eisenhower Health Partner for Physician Training Program

UCR and Eisenhower Health Partner for Physician Training Program

Max Rodriguez

Local students who want to become doctors may soon have more class options in the Coachella Valley with a partnership between two institutions, the University of California Riverside and Eisenhower Health.

It is that time of the year, college applications are due and a class of seniors at the Palm Springs High School Medicine Academy have their minds set on a few schools.

Hailey Aguilar a senior who wants to continue onto medical school said UCR is one of her options, as well as, “Lots of Cal States.”

The students in the Coachella Valley may be able to get their experience much closer than they thought.

UCR and Eisenhower Health officially partnered to create a physician training program for medical students.

Aguilar said the school’s location is a big factor in her decision, she said, “I love my family, a little sad that I am moving away but it is part of growing up and the college experience.”

The Eisenhower Health CEO and President, Aubrey Serfling said this partnership will create residencies and fellowship programs.

Serfling said, “You need the medical school where they do all of the book learning and then you need a practice site where they can get hands on experience with real life patients.”

He said a result of the program may be more doctors in the valley.

Serfling said, “There is a shortage in the number of different types of doctors in the valley, especially primary care and so it’s a farm club for the young doctors they kind of settle in and eventually want to stay.”

For some aspiring medical students like Miguel Buenrostro, there is no question in the community they want to serve.

He said, “Once I start my career I would like to start here because my dad always says remember where you came from, so I want to come back to this community and give back.”