La Quinta Grinch Steals Local Man’s Christmas Decorations

La Quinta Grinch Steals Local Man’s Christmas Decorations

Max Rodriguez

For some, it takes hours to put-up holiday decorations, but it only took seconds for a La Quinta Grinch to steal a local family man’s Christmas.

Chris Miller lives in a calm residential area but on Sunday a man stepped onto his property and stole a couple of laser holiday decorations, an incident he finds disturbing.

Miller said, “It was when I came out the next night  to turn on the lights I noticed that the plug was there but the laser projectors were gone.”

He caught everything on his front door camera, he noticed a man who wore a black hoodie approached his front yard, unplugged the lasers and sped off.

Miller said, “In the black of night and he was near the street the camera did not pick up a clear identifiable image of his face.”

The man in the video had no clue he was being recorded, Miller believes a clue that may help solve the case is the suspect’s car, he drove a grey or white sedan.

Miller filed a report with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and shared the video with the deputies. Deputies told him the video was unclear but a detective would still investigate.

The department does warn of theft around the holiday season, some of the safety tips it shares are to leave front porch lights on and always keep doors of home and cars locked.

For Miller, the objects stolen on his property are not what bothers him, he said it is about the principal to let people enjoy the holiday spirit.

He said, “The more I thought about it I felt sorry for the guy, I mean how sad, lonely, spiritless must you be to steal Christmas decorations.”

Miller shared the video on his social media to alert his neighbors but also in hopes someone may recognize the man on the video.