Holiday Travelers Land in Palm Springs

Holiday Travelers Land in Palm Springs

Daytona Everett

The roads are packed and the planes are full which means the season of holiday travel is upon us and the Palm Springs International Airport is no exception.

One family, the Spencer’s traveled from Seattle on Thursday morning for Christmas.

“We’ve been to Hawaii four times, we’ve been to Connecticut, we’ve been to New Jersey, we’ve been to New York and a bunch of other places,” the oldest daughter said.

With a total of four kids, Katie, their mother, said holiday travel is always an experience.

“Lots of people are traveling around the nation,” Tom Nolan, the Executive Director of the Palm Springs International Airport, said. “We’ve got people coming in from all over the world to enjoy the desert.”

To make parking, security and other factors easier, Nolan said arrive early.

“What the airlines recommend is at least ninety minutes, an hour and a half minimum during especially the holiday season,” he said.

The Spencer’s holiday schedule didn’t quite work out like that.

“We were late getting there, we had to run to our gates,” Katie said.

Despite the craziness, the family of six landed safely and on time in sunny Palm Springs only to be met with an anxious grandpa ready to pick them up.

According to Nolan, if the government shuts down on Friday, PSP will remain fully functional with all government employees and non-government employees working through the holidays.