Palm Springs Convention Center Turns into a Christmas Haven

Palm Springs Convention Center Turns into a Christmas Haven

Max Rodriguez

The Palm Springs community is spreading the Christmas cheer with free gifts, music, and hot meals to over 1,000 locals who made their way to the convention center on this holiday.

The free Christmas event brought smiles to many children’s faces, as well as their parents who otherwise would not be able to give their children a present.

Well in the Desert is the non-profit organization that hosted the community event, the director, Arlene Rosenthal, said this through a partnership with the city and The Auen Foundation.

Rosenthal said, “It makes you want to cry with joy, and that we are able to do this thanks to our generous community.”

The generosity of the community allows those who may not have a home to receive a hot meal on Christmas. The event also gives local families who may be low-income the opportunity to give their child a memorable holiday.

David is a local father who attended with his wife and two toddlers, he said money is tight but through this event, his children will get to enjoy Christmas.

David said, “I want to give my kids more than what I had so they are able to give my kids more presents and more things for Christmas than what I would have been able to give.”

There were well over 1,000 wrapped presents ready to hand out to the children. The presents were donated and wrapped by local people in the community.

For the last 13 years, the Palm Springs Convention Center has become a Christmas haven where everyone is welcomed.

Chris Kahn is a local man who attended the celebration for the second time, he said he will continue to return.

Kahn said, “It helps the people, helps the kids, and people with nowhere else to go, single people, married people, whoever and it benefits people who are hungry.”

The Christmas charity event goes beyond providing meals and presents, local volunteers like hairdressers and barbers donate free haircuts to those who may not afford it, learn how to get involved here.