Hemet Police Open Fire On Alleged Gun-Toting Homeowner

Hemet Police Open Fire On Alleged Gun-Toting Homeowner

News Staff

A Hemet man allegedly brandished a pistol at police officers investigating a reckless gunfire call at his property, prompting one of the officers to open fire without wounding the suspect, authorities said Thursday.

The officer-involved shooting happened about 6 p.m. Wednesday in the 2900 block of Rafferty Road, near Brandon Way, according to Hemet Police Lt. Glen Brock.

He said the suspect, whose identity was not released, walked out of his residence “and fired a bullet into the air,” frightening neighbors, who called 911.

Several officers converged on the location within a few minutes and approached the house, at which point the man stepped outside and “confronted the officers with a firearm,” Brock said.

One patrolman fired at the suspect, who was not hit and surrendered without further incident, according to the lieutenant.

No officers were injured.

The man was taken to the Hemet Jail for booking and questioning, Brock said.

Bail information was not available.