Residents Are In Shock After Hearing Two Bodies Were Found In Their Neighborhood

Residents Are In Shock After Hearing Two Bodies Were Found In Their Neighborhood


Dozens of police officers flooded one neighborhood in La Quinta at around 9 Monday morning, after bodies were found behind a home. Neighbors were visibly upset when they woke up to the unimaginable, crime scene tape roping off a cul de sac in their neighborhood.

“I have never heard of bodies being found in this area,” said Alison Airhart, a resident in this La Quinta neighborhood.

A homicide investigation unfolding before her eyes, on the corner of Independence Way and Montecillo.

“It’s very sad, and it’s also scary. I just hope it’s not something that becomes a pattern.”

Alison told NBC Palm Springs that she loves to go on runs, and would have never expected to run into something like this.

“I jog, exercise and when I come out there are kids usually playing after school. Not very many problems at all, so I’m very shocked.”

She is shocked that two bodies were found behind a home, in this neighborhood.

“So I think this is really an exception to the norm in this community.”

Cones, crime scene tape, and dozens of officers lined the La Quinta cul de sac as investigators were quick to set up tents.

“I’m not sure why the bodies were found or what happened to the people, but if it was a murder, that’s very disturbing,” Alison told NBC Palm Springs.

Now, all Alison can do is hope that the community takes this as a wake-up call.

“I just think it’s really important for neighbors and people to keep their eyes open and communicate with their neighbors.”

She also prays that the victims’ families find peace.

“I’m just really sorry that this has happened to them, and I hope that they find whoever did that to the people and to the family members.”

The latest word from officials is that there is no threat to public safety, and that they are not looking for any suspects at this time.