CV Link Robbery Raises Security Questions

CV Link Robbery Raises Security Questions

Daytona Everett

Palm Springs police are investigating a robbery Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. on the CV Link near Gene Autry.

Two suspects, identified as white, adult males between the age of twenty and thirty wearing baggy clothing riding bicycles, stopped a man on the path. One suspect threatened the victim with a handgun, according to Sergeant Michael Casavan with the Palm Springs Police Department.

When the suspects got what they wanted, they hurried off, he said. The CV Link is already controversial in some cities for reasons such as security but Casavan promises crime on the trail is not common.

“No, I wouldn’t call it common,” he said. “Robberies can happen anywhere in the city.”

Some bike riders on Wednesday told NBC Palm Springs the incident didn’t bother them. Jose Ortiz walks his dog every morning on the path and said he’s never had a problem.

“I’ve had many years over here and no problem,” Ortiz said.

Casavan’s response to people worried about security is that the robbery was not specific to the CV Link.

“More than likely an opportunity presented itself at the time,” Casavan said.

The incident is still under investigation. The suspects are outstanding and unidentified.