Circus ‘Hermanos Caballero’ Comes Back To The Valley

Circus ‘Hermanos Caballero’ Comes Back To The Valley


Hermanos Caballero is a circus like no other. In fact, it has six generations of history behind it.

“Well, I was practically born in the circus. This empire was formed by the grandfather of my grandfather, then the father of my father, and now us and our brothers,” Ruben Caballero Jr. told NBC Palm Springs.

Ruben along with his brother, Marco Antonio Caballero cannot live a life that isn’t the circus life.

“It’s a different life. It’s different than living in a town, but it’s a life that is a lot of fun,” added Marco Antonio.

Which is why they would not trade this life for anything in the world.

“It’s so exhilarating. We are very happy and feel very thankful for all the love the crowd gives us when we perform,” one of the performers told NBC Palm Springs.

The circus Hermanos Caballero comes to the valley every year, and each time, the shows are different.

“You can expect the unexpected here. You never know what is going to happen at any given second during a show,” added one of the performers.

By “unexpected” they mean bows and arrows flying on the stage, motorcycles riding all over the place, and acrobats doing what was thought to be the impossible.

“We have an act where women from Brazil will shoot bows and arrows, we have the Caballero brothers from Guadalajara, and we also have the musical clowns from Spain. In fact, we have artists from all over the world traveling with us,” said Marco Antonio.

Even if you have already seen a show, the Caballero brothers want you to come again, because you never know how “in tents” things can get at the circus.

If you would like more information on show times or want to buy tickets, visit their website