“Sanctuary City” Back on Palm Springs Council Agenda

“Sanctuary City” Back on Palm Springs Council Agenda

Max Rodriguez

First, it was Cathedral City, then it was Coachella and now Palm Springs could be the next city to officially adopt “sanctuary city” status. 

Lisa Middleton a Councilmember for the city said Palm Springs ordinance already bars the municipality to ask residents about their immigration status, but adopting an official “sanctuary” status makes the city’s stance on immigration clear.

Middleton said, “When an individual is stopped by a police officer in Palm Springs, their immigration status is not something that they should be asked about.”

The sanctuary status means officials and employees of the city cannot use any municipal funds to enforce federal immigration policies.

Middleton said, “It is irresponsible of Washington DC to not come to a resolution so we can get past these issues.”

Also up for discussion at the meeting will be the coming changes to the municipal elections, odd-numbered municipal election years will change to even-numbered years to coincide with national and state elections.

The Palm Springs City Clerk, Anthony Mejia, said the change comes in accordance with a law passed by Governor Jerry Brown that rids of odd-election year elections if voter turnout is 25% less than general elections.

“In 2013 we had 28 percent decrease in voter turnout,” Mejia said. “In state-wide elections, there’s already an increase of voter turn out we’re hoping that by transitioning to the same election date we’re going to get that surge in election voter turnout as well.”

The city council is also set to authorize $32,000 on designs for new pickleball courts at Sunrise Park, maybe finally ending the feud over court territory tennis and pickleball players.