Sisters Lead Palm Desert Soccer Team to DVL Title

Sisters Lead Palm Desert Soccer Team to DVL Title

News Staff

The Palm Desert Girls Varsity Soccer team has an unbreakable bond, and that bond starts with two sisters, Kaitlin and Megan Clapinski. The dynamic duo is on the field for every game, and they know exactly how to use that sister advantage.

“In game situations, how focused and how serious they become and how connected they are to each other when they switch and play on the same side. The passing they do, the inner changing of the ball with them is really something special,” says Coach Chris Keuilian.

The girls athleticism is brought to each and every game. But where did the Clapinski sisters get the fire for sports? Some help from their Major League father could be the answer.

“I think it definitely helps with knowledge of just the game in general and how to prepare mentally and physically,” says the sisters.

“Their father being a former professional athlete himself gives them some tips, but he doesn’t really push them because he knows its always an inside drive that you need to have. But I’m sure he does point out some things for them and then take it and build upon it, and then bring it back to them,” says Coach Kueilian.

Kaitlin, a senior at Palm Desert, looks to help her freshman sister Megan in any way she can. And Megan, well she never takes it for granted, “to be more aggressive and go in on more people that are bigger than me, cause I’m a tiny little person.”

Coach Chris enjoys the personality of the sisters on his squad. “It’s actually pretty interesting, cause not only are they sisters, I’ve had sisters before, but the relationship these two have with each other and the goofyness.”

The sisters teammates enjoy the presence of family on the team as well. Teammates Kenna Dawson and Kaci Holliday say, ” oh it’s so fun. They’re funny, they are both alike and so much not alike at the same time, it’s hilarious.”

Kaitlin hopes to move on to bigger things next season as she graduates from Palm Desert this spring and her little sister will keep the Aztec fight going as she moves on.

The Aztecs will have their first CIF game at 5pm Tuesday against AB Miller.