Protesters Rally Against President Trump at City Hall

Dozens of protesters gathered outside Palm Springs City Hall on Presidents Day to speak out against President Donald Trump’s administration and and his decision to declare a national emergency.

“By teargassing families and children, locking up asylum seekers, tearing families apart, letting children die on their watch, the list of abuses goes on and on, and this is the true national crisis, this is the true national emergency, the true national emergency is Donald Trump,” said Lewis Steward, of the ACLU Desert Chapter as he addressed the crowd.

Protesters held up flags, signs and even a balloon to express their disapproval of the 45th president. Protesters feel this president’s policies are driving a bigger wedge into a country already divided.

“I think I‘ve just had enough of Donald Trump and his presidency, I feel very upset about what’s happening at the border,” said Carol Anderson of Indian Wells.

“I’ve been upset about what’s been happening for the last couple of years and the lies that we see everyday on television and I believe that this country can do better, we can be better,” said Carol Doyle of Palm Springs.

Two protesters who say they’ve been to the border several times say humanitarian aid is needed.

“There is no emergency, this man is showing his anger and his hate to a certain group of people, he has made a promise to his constituents politically, that he was going to build a wall,” said Deniantoinette Mazingo who lives in Hemet.

“We feel that the wall is not necessary, we also feel that it’s not an emergency, and it is a waste of tax payers’ money, it clogs up our court system, this is a disaster, people need to respond,” says Yasmin Espinoza of Palm Springs.

Hobert Wehir of Rancho Mirage, who happened on the protest says he respectfully disagrees, “We now finally have a President Donald J. Trump who has been fantastic at getting things done for this country and all on his own practically, he’s smart.”

Still those against the president’s policies say they will continue to take their message to the streets and to those who represent them in Washington.


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