Tram Closed Indefinitely, Crews Assess the Area

Tram Closed Indefinitely, Crews Assess the Area

Daytona Everett

The Palm Springs Aerial Tram is arguably one of the largest attractions in the valley. After severe weather last week, the tram is closed indefinitely which is posing problems for people in town for the long holiday weekend.

One family came in from Mexico in hopes of experiencing the tram but were turned away at Tramway road.  They plan on trying again next month.

“The inspections and damage assessments are going to be going for at least the next few weeks,” Cara Youngman, Public Relations Manager of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram, said. “Once those are completed we will at least have a target.”

Youngman, along with other crews and staff, took a helicopter up the mountain to assess the damage. Meanwhile, bookings, insurance and other inconveniences all have to be sorted out.

“Any closure results in loss of revenue but the most important thing for us is that everyone is safe,” Youngman said.

Still, with each day that passes, more business is lost for the city.

“It’s sad for us,” Joyce Kiehl, Director of Communications for the Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, said. “No one wants to see the tram down like that, it’s such a beautiful attraction.”

Kiehl said the bureau is being proactive in informing tourists about the situation before they get to Palm Springs.

“We do want people to know, yes, it’s closed right now but here’s some other things you can do when you come visit,” Kiehl said.

Now, locals and tourists are backpedaling to reschedule their plans.

“I’m hoping that they get it fixed as fast as they can but I know it’s costing them a lot of money,” Taylor Browne, a Palm Springs resident, said.

Tram managers said people with previous bookings will be refunded. As for visitors looking to hike in areas near the tram, they’re being turned away, too. The visitor’s bureau is encouraging hikers to check out other trails in the area.