Robocalls Skyrocket by 325 Percent Worldwide, People Demand Action

Daytona Everett

Some days it can feel as if Robocallers are outnumbering calls from your own friends and family members. A new report from Hiya shows robocalls have skyrocketed by 325 percent last year worldwide. California ranks number one for the most affected state in the country.

“Usually when I’m at school I get two,” Charlie Webb, an 11-year-old Robocall victim, said.

“I assume anybody who calls me is a scammer,” his father, Charlie Webb, said.

“It’s really awful, we have to do something to stop this,” Lisa Webb, Charlie’s mother, said.

Hiya reports global spam calls grew to 85 billion last year and the calls don’t discriminate.

“I always get ones talking about how I have zero percent interest rate or how the police is going to raid my house,” Charlie, the 11-year-old, said.

While it’s near impossible to stop the calls all together, there are ways to fight them.

1.) Block individual numbers: Whether you have an iPhone or an Android.

2.) Use do not disturb: It will block every number except your most trusted contacts or favorites.

3.) Use your carrier tools: For example, the Webb family pays a little extra on their phone bill every month with Verizon to have possible spam numbers show up as such. Other providers have similar options.

4.) Use third-party apps: They can block unwanted calls that show up on a crowd-sourced spam and Robocaller list. Some cost more than others.

5.) Join the national do not call registry list: Run by FTC, the list doesn’t ensure you’ll never get called again but it does help. Many Robocallers are coming from other countries and disregard the list.

6.) Don’t answer: If the call is important, a real person will leave a voicemail.

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