Jarring Noise Disturbs the Peace on Bump and Grind Hiking Trail

Daytona Everett

The Bump and Grind trail in Palm Desert is known for its beautiful scenery and peaceful nature but some aggravated hikers say the neighboring Palm Desert Raceway is disturbing the serenity.

“They [remote controlled cars] jump over the hills and they flip upside down,” Carol Columbus, one hiker on the busy trail, said. “Then they flip back again and keep going.”

The raceway is a grassroots off-road race track for remote controlled cars. The track reopened in 2010 after being vacant for over two years. In 2014 the track was sold to its current owner. Every year, the raceway hosts several popular events and tournaments.

Some local hikers NBC Palm Springs spoke with Monday argue the raceway takes away from the quiet environment.

“During your meditative walk, all you hear is vroom vroom,” one hiker said.

Others are intrigued by the hobby and support it. Still, most agree they like their peace and quiet on the trail.

“They’re really neat to watch but they’re actually quite noisy for sure,” Columbus said.

The good news for frustrated hikers is the track doesn’t operate all the time. This week, the raceway has practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Therefore, the other days, hikers can enjoy the scenery with peace and quiet and no earplugs.

Photo courtesy: Palm Desert R/C Raceway & Hobby Shop

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