Taylor Fritz Squares Off With Rafael Nadal

Taylor Fritz Squares Off With Rafael Nadal


A big match will be coming up later tonight between number two ranked Rafael Nadal and his opponent, 21 year-old Taylor Fritz. NBC Palm Springs caught up with Fritz’s dad, Guy Fritz, during warm ups, who is beyond excited for this match.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to play tie breakers. For that kind of money, it’s going to be great,” said the father of the rising tennis player.

“He’s been improving every year and his ranking got up to 40 in the world and the reason why he was invited was he has the best winning percentage of any player in the world when it comes to tie breakers.”

Plus, with both parents being avid tennis players, one wonders, does he get his edge from the training, his genes, or both?

“I think it’s a lot of hard work. We started really early and he had good genes and was fairly athletic. Played every sport,” Fritz added.

However, Guy does have one concern going into the match.

“I’m excited. His preparation isn’t as good as I would have liked because he hurt his foot.”

So how exactly does one prepare for a match with the Rafael Nadal?

“We’ll bring in a lefty this afternoon to serve to him and play certain points because your patterns on the court are a little different. The spin when NAdal is serving you out wide you have to be able to step in and handle the slice going the other way.

All in all, no matter what the outcome, guy says he is proud of his son.


If you want to catch matched on television, refer to the guide below for BNP Pariba Open channels.

Spectrum: Channel 406

Frontier Fios: Channel 592

Dish Network: Channel 400

Directv: Channel 217