Sacred Heart Students Make Challenges and Sacrifices on Ash Wednesday

Sacred Heart Students Make Challenges and Sacrifices on Ash Wednesday

Daytona Everett

It’s Ash Wednesday which means people all over the world are making sacrifices or challenges for the start of lent. The kids at Sacred Heart Elementary in Palm Desert are no exception. NBC Palm Springs stopped in on one of the classes and asked what lent means to them.

“It reminds me that I need to get closer to God.”

“I’m trying to focus on Jesus more.”

“It’s the start of Jesus’ journey, it means we get to do a lot of fun stuff at school.”

When asked if anyone would be participating in Ash Wednesday, every student’s hand bolted up. Kids said they plan to give up: sweets, video games, TV and vegetables. Others said they wanted to take a challenge instead.

“I’m doing a challenge to be more respectful to my parents and be nicer to my friends.”

“I’m going to spend more time with my sister.”

Adam Kueneman, a student who will play the role of Jesus in this week’s performance, is serious about his position.

“It’s so important because Jesus died for us and is our savior,” he said.

Kueneman said he wanted to give more time and pray twice a day for lent.

“We are dust and to dust we shall return,” Father Howard Lincoln of Sacred Heart Church said. “How we live now shall determine our future after our death.”

Lincoln said lent is ultimately about working towards a stronger relationship with God.

“It’ll be more prayer, more reading the Bible, certainly, and trying to get closer to God,” Howard said. “I used to give up potato chips but that doesn’t get me closer to God.”

The kids will perform their reenactment of Jesus’ death and journey at Thursday’s mass.