Local Former NFL Player Ventures into New Industry

Local Former NFL Player Ventures into New Industry

Max Rodriguez

The football coach for Xavier College Prep. is training the next generation of athletes, but off the field, he is competing to become the best in whole other industry.

James Dockery played for three NFL teams before returning to his roots, he now shares his knowledge of the sport with Coachella Valley youth.

Dockery said, “To see my kids now to start to grow in this area it’s been a blessing and sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you leave for a little bit.”

He spends weekdays on the football field but on the weekends he is the leader of a completely different team.

Dockery is the owner of Docs Barbershop inside the Palm Desert Westfield Mall, he is a business major after-all.  

He said, “This is where I was getting my hair cut and through dialogue and conversation with my barber and we talked how there might be an opportunity for ownership change and I jumped all over that.”

He said he felt this business venture would be a good way to deepen his roots into the valley.

Dockery said, “No matter where we go where our career takes us the desert is always going to be home for us, we plan on always being a part of the community out here”

But he does want to make it clear, he does not cut hair. Instead, he said he has a talented team of barbers whom he trusts and depends on just as he did with his teammates on the football field.

Dockery said, “You know without them, I wouldn’t be able to have this, they are the ones who make this thing go.”