Palm Springs DMV Closes for Six Month Renovation

Palm Springs DMV Closes for Six Month Renovation

Max Rodriguez

Get ready to wait even longer at the DMV, the Palm Springs office is closing its door for the next six months for renovations an announcement taking many locals by surprise.

Bernice Simpson drove 40 miles from Yucca Valley to the Palm Springs DMV field office. She got there just in time because once the April 5 business day was over, the office will not reopen until half a year later.

Simpson said, “No idea, I had no idea, I am so lucky.”

But she was not the only DMV customer surprised with the news.

Leo who lives in Cathedral City first heard about from us, despite a sign on the DMV entrance.

He said, “Are you serious? OMG Today? So we came at a good time then.”

He is one of many customers who prefer doing business at the Palm Springs DMV office rather than the other locations.

Leo said, “We come here instead of Palm Desert because we are kind of in the middle. but we come here because there are fewer people.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles announced the Palm Springs field office will get ADA accessibility upgrades along with a number of improvements in and outside of the building.

Leo said the office could use an upgrade in technology, too. He said, “Maybe some kiosks computer systems were you can do stuff instead of actually talking to people here would be kind of nice maybe.”

The department also reminds customers some of the workloads can be done online, like license renewals and car registrations.

However, locals like Simpson are hopeful the renovations can be completed sooner.

She said, “They can really expedite with the money that they have here, but I am sure it will be worth it, it will be worth the wait.”

There are a couple of options for Palm Springs residents who need to visit a DMV office. The offices in Palm Desert and Indio remain open, with the Palm Desert location also staying open on Saturdays.