Texans Find Creative Ways to Protect Cars From Hail

Don’t be surprised if you traveled to Texas recently only to find cars strapped with all sorts of inflated floaties and bags of mulch. Texans in the Dallas and Fort Worth area pulled out all the stops to protect their cars from hail damage on April 17, 2019.


No floaties, no problem. Ryan Bussey had a creative use for dozens of pool noodles in face of the storm.




If you have ’em, use ’em. NBC viewer Debi Rodenmayer put her extra stock of mulch to great use.


Who said unicorn floats are only for the pool? A creative NBC viewer strapped floaties to the family car for a DIY hail protection.


Air mattresses are just as good as a store-bought hail protector for Pam Z.


Styrofoam insulation panels and a tarp is Patrick Lamb’s choice of hail protection for his jetski.


NBC viewer Sam Stalos may not be able to fit two cars in a one-car garage, but this might just be the next best thing for hail prep.


Floaties from a children’s Mardi Gras-themed birthday pool party was the Panagopoulos family’s protection of choice for the upcoming hail storm.


No carport? No problem. NBC viewer Ashley Green filled bags with leaves to protect the windows and windshield of her car.


“Ready for the hail. I hope.”


This is how you hail-proof a VW Jetta, as the Travis family did in Denton.


Sherri, an NBC viewer, used cushions and a child’s rug to protect the car.


This car in Flower Mound, Texas, won’t be dinged with the amount o fair mattresses Jamie Rue strapped on it.


“Just in case…had to protect our little ‘flea.'”


Jenny Chan’s neighbor took no chances with their car – the entire vehicle was shrink-wrapped for protection!


“My husband allowed our daughter to put her car in the garage in place of his golf cart,” said NBC viewer Jenny Stutler. “She did her best to protect his golf cart!”


When all else fails, employ man’s best friend. “Best I can do on short notice,” said Mike Cooper of Princeton, Texas.

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