Day Seven People v. Felix: Prosecution Paints Picture of Angry and Violent Felix

The prosecution was methodical on day seven of the People v. Felix. Deputy District Attorney Michelle Paradise tried to show jurors, the defendant John Hernandez Felix’s angry and violent behavior the morning they say he gunned down Palm Springs Police Officers Jose ‘Gil’ Vega and Lesley Zerebny.

Behavior, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department homicide Investigator Nelson Gomez says Felix’s parents complained of regularly.

Gomez says his father, Santos told him he recently threatened to get him out of the home permanently.

” ‘You’re going to leave this house I’m going to get a restraining order,’ ” Gomez said Santos told him during an interview adding he did not go through with it because Felix promised to change.

Gomez says Santos told him that the morning of October 8, 2016 started out fine and Felix even seemed in a good mood, but that didn’t last long.

He says Santos told him Felix got angry with his father over a cell phone, then with his sister over a T.V. remote, “He grabbed her and pushed her up against a wall,” adding Felix’s sister told him she saw something behind his back and told her mom to grab the children and get out of the house.

Gomez said the sister then told Felix, “She loved him and she wanted God to be with him but, ‘I can no longer be.’ “

He says Felix answered, ” ‘He is with me, but the devil is with me as well.’ “

Felix’s attorney john John Patrick Dolan tried to show Felix was out of sorts and not himself, he asked Gomez if Felix’s father told him he needed a psychologist not police, “The father told you, this one needs someone to take him to the hospital … his behavior is very strange?”

Lead RSO Homicide Investigator Alberto Loureiro testified Felix’s mother told them, “She saw him armed in the living room area … she freaked out.”

Loureiro said her testimony in court days earlier was inconsistent with their interviews. Felix’s mother denied she ever saw a weapon. He then said Santos told him they were afraid of Felix, ” ‘We were all afraid everyday, that someday he’s going to hit us.’ “

Among the long list of charges Felix, is charged with are: two counts of murder with special circumstances of multiple murders and murder of peace officers, six counts of attempted murder. Those special circumstances make Felix eligible for the death penalty.


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