Summer Months No Longer Off-Season in Palm Springs

Summer Months No Longer Off-Season in Palm Springs

Max Rodriguez

It seems the slow summer season in Palm Springs is a thing of the past, music festivals and the city’s growing national spot-light are attracting tourists all year long regardless of the triple-digit-heat.

It just hit the stands and if you dig inside the latest edition of Esquire, you will find an established historically-rich bar, the Casablanca Lounge at Melvyn’s Restaurant ranked among the nation’s best bars.

Bryan Ellis has poured cocktails to Hollywood’s biggest legends for more than 40 years.

Ellis said, “I’ve waited on six different Presidents of the United States, the most powerful men in the nation and nobody cares about them only Frank Sinatra.”

At Casablanca, old fashion never goes out of style, perhaps a reason why this lounge’s unique experience is going national.

Ellis said, “This restaurant, this bar, people come and they expect to see us here, it’s part of the ambiance.”

But it is not just well-known staples putting Palm Springs on the tourism map, events like Splash House grow each year with more and more visitors.

Beatrice Bereucer is on her third year attending the summer festival, she has noticed the growth.

“The first year it was easy to get a room and we would all hang out the second year you could start seeing huge lines trying to get into the hotel it would hit capacity in the afternoon,” Bereucer said. “And this year it sold out in an hour.”

The Splash House pool festival, the Palm Springs Internationa Short Film Festival and Comic-Con are all keeping hot summer month in business.

The younger crowds who attend these events are also providing new life to historical Palm Springs businesses such as Melvyn’s.

Ellis said, “Millennials, OK, they love this place, they look at all the pictures on the wall and they ask us who is so and so where did Frank Sinatra sit, when someone asks me where Frank Sinatra sit I say wherever he wanted.”