Hikers Defy Excessive Heat Warning

Hikers Defy Excessive Heat Warning

Max Rodriguez

Despite the excessive heat warning for the next few days, the triple-digit temperatures are not keeping hikers away from the trails.

Irma Marinas enjoys her exercise at the local trails even in the summer months when temperatures soar beyond 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

“You know what, I am fine and I am energized now, I can move a mountain,” Marinas said. “So it’s hot, deal with it.”

An Emergency Medicine Specialist at J.F.K. Memorial Hospital, Dr. Timothy Rupp, said some people deal with the heat better than others, but its dangers can reach even the most experienced hiker.

“The body can eventually fall behind,” Dr. Rupp said. “If someone notices someone doing a strenuous activity outside and they’re not sweating, their skin is very hot to the touch and maybe a little confused, that’s almost too late.”

Dr. Rupp said simply being outside in triple-digit temperatures can be risky for some people, he said adding exercise to the mix can be a recipe for disaster.

He said, “Get the hike out of the way early or wait until the sun is starting to go down and then do their hike but certainly never during the day when the sun is on its peak.”

Marinas who hikes at the Bump n Grind twice a week said she got lost and disoriented on the trail during last year’s mid-summer.

Marinas said, “These ladies were really nice, they gave me some water because I only had about this much water left at that point, so they gave me some water and gave me directions.”

She said that experience will not stop her from hiking this summer but it taught her to listen to her body.

Dr. Rupp said people should re-consider hikes during sun peak hours, he also said it is important to keep plenty of water and apply sun-screen before doing outdoor activities.