Talks of Hockey Arena Coming to the Desert

Talks of Hockey Arena Coming to the Desert


“Oh man, it makes sense, doesn’t it. You like hot weather and ice, it goes together,” Kenan Thompson sarcastically told NBC Palm Springs.

So, it is clear that not everyone is on the bandwagon, but a string of hall of famers sure seem to think hockey in the Coachella Valley is worth a shot.

“We’ve proven that hockey can be played anywhere,” said Hall of Famer Mark Messier.

Trevor Gretzky, the son of Wayne Gretzky, who is also a Hall of Famer and is arguable the best player in NHL history, shares Mark’s sentiments.

“Anytime you can get a hockey team or a rink in an area where there’s not much hockey, I think it’s great for the game.”

Hockey Insider Elliotte Friedman even told NBC Palm Springs he thought this new arena would be a “smashing success,” but what will this multi-million dollar investment that Tim Leiweke is spearheading look like? David Miller says it will be an asset to the desert.

“Tim and I had a conversation and we are very excited for them and I won’t disclose everything we talked about but I do understand that they are making a move and Palm Springs will be the benefactor. But I also understand that it is going to be more suited for music. Live Nation and some of the people that Tim has shared is going to be music first, sports second.”

Something he believes will bring the valley closer than it already is.

“How do we go wrong by servicing the community more and having brands, like Live Nation, Tim Leiweke, the Leiweke’s are an established brand in the National Hockey League. So welcome to the neighborhood,” he added.

What is still unknown is the proposed location of the arena and whether or not the city of Palm Springs or perhaps the local tribe will be involved.