Maggots Found at Subway in Indio

Maggots Found at Subway in Indio

Claudia Bermudez

A shocking video taken at a local Subway restaurant has gone viral.

The video filmed by a former teenage employee shows maggots inside a food liner where bread is baked and stored.    

“She was pulling out bread to defrost off the liners when she went to go get the liners she lifted it up on the tray and she just saw a bunch of maggots,” said Abel Coronado, the former employee’s brother. 

Coronado posted the video on his Facebook page on Sunday and in less than 24-hours it accumulated t

housands of views and comments from across the country. He alleges the owner didn’t discard the bug-infested liners.

“He went down there and he said that he was taking care of the problem by bleaching them and washing them, and he let them air dry overnight and the next day he used them,” said Coronado.

In a statement the owner of the Subway in Indio tells NBC Palm Springs he did get rid of the liners,“this was an isolated incident that occurred more than 5 weeks ago and was corrected immediately.”

Four days prior to posting the video, Coronado’s sister was removed from her position due to unrelated circumstances.