Second Trumpville Opens in Yucca Valley but It’s ‘Not About Politics, Just Business’

Second Trumpville Opens in Yucca Valley but It’s ‘Not About Politics, Just Business’

Daytona Everett

Driving through Yucca Valley you might see a new shop that popped up last month. It’s called Trumpville and while it’s sparking different responses, an employee said it’s strictly business and there’s no politics involved.

For Susanne Warren, it all started with a Trump flag on a pole flying over by the Colorado River.

“I said maybe you could print a few Trump things and make some money,” Warren said.

Susanne’s son, Eric, who owns a print shop in Yucca Valley, took the idea and ran with it.

“Mugs and koozies and magnets and bumper stickers and just about anything you can imagine Trump,” Susanne said about her merchandise.

The mother and son said they opened Trumpville without a political agenda.

“It is not our objective to spread a political ideology,” Susanne said. “Our objective is economic, we are trying to make a little business work.”

No politics, just business. After the first family-owned business flourished in 29 Palms, they opened a second location in Yucca Valley in July. 

Susanne said it’s company policy to not take a political position but they do appreciate the support from the primarily conservative 29 Palms and Yucca Valley communities.

“I think the store is great,” Linda Buchanan, a shopper at Trumpville, said. “I think they can go a long way, I just think they need more merchandise.”

There is some opposition to the two locations. Trumpville 29 was vandalized last week, according to Susanne.

“We don’t know necessarily it’s because of the kind of store it was,” she said.

Last month, the Republican Headquarters in La Quinta was egged. Two months before that, Roberge Jewelers on El Paseo was graffitied.

People in opposition say the president is promoting division but the Warrens said all they want to do is capitalize on a man known for capitalism.

“The most important part is providing jobs for people right here in our community,” Susanne said.

The Warrens said they do not make a salary, they put their money into their employees and the store.

Susanne said she has developed a “blue line” but it’s not yet featured in the store.

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