Mother Searches for Son’s Killer

Mother Searches for Son’s Killer

Claudia Bermudez

Licarina Jimenez will never forget the morning of May 13TH.

Exactly four months ago, her 23-year-old son was shot to death in Desert Hot Springs.

Jimenez still has so many questions and so little answers about the day she thinks about constantly.

“I was driving back home from dropping my daughter off at work it was around 9 am and I received a phone call about a young man being killed,” remembers Jimenez.

That young man, was the youngest of her three sons, Mario Jimenez whom she referred to as “monkey.”

“I think about him every moment of everyday,” she says.

She says she’ll never forget the moment she identified her son by the tattoos he got to honor her.  

 Mario Jimenez was shot to death on Acoma Street, his mother never imagined she would be celebrating their last Mother’s Day together.

“I definitely have not been able to grieve peacefully,” says Jimenez.  She says the only way she can put this behind her is if the person who took her son’s life is found.

She is now taking the matter into her own hands and asking the community for help.

“Please don’t stay quiet. If you know who did this to my son please report it even if its anonymously,” she says.

The Jimenez Family hopes to eventually grieve peacefully.