Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Mammograms

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Mammograms

Daytona Everett

NBC Palm Springs’ Daytona Everett walks through the process of getting a mammogram at Desert Regional’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Below, you can find frequently asked questions from DRMC’s website.

I’ve heard I need to keep a look out for breast cancer. Where should I start?

It’s true—women have a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer at some time in their lifetime. But there are millions of women still alive today with breast cancer, many whose breast cancer was detected early—in time for effective treatments. The first steps are easy:

  1. Schedule your yearly mammogram
  2. See your healthcare provider for a breast exam as part of your regular checkup
  3. Make sure you are doing regular self-exams

How do I schedule my mammogram?

Call us at the Comprehensive Cancer Center at (760) 416-4700, or visit our Contact Page.

How do I learn how to do a self exam?

You should do a self-exam once a month, ideally about 7 to 10 days after the start of your period. Knowing your own body is the best way to spot changes that could be cancer.

Click here for a guide on self-exams by the American Cancer Society.

What happens if I’m called in after my mammogram? Does this mean I have cancer?

No. About 10 percent of patients who had mammograms are asked to come back for a second look, but nearly all of those are benign. However, this does mean that more tests are needed to fully determine your health.

What if I’ve already been diagnosed somewhere else but want a second opinion?

Second opinions can be important, which is why we gladly welcome patients who seek a second medical opinion. Please click here to contact us to schedule a second opinion.

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