Flying Saucer AirBnb Lands in Joshua Tree

Max Rodriguez

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A rare sighting in Joshua Tree is giving people in social media plenty to talk about, a unique home that looks straight from outer space recently landed in the desert.

It looks like a flying saucer taken from Area 51 but it is actually a rare home in Joshua Tree’s Area 55, the owner of the property Ronald Jackson said it is a space he created with his mother and family in mind.

Jackson said, “Naturally people tend to believe oh because Area 51, spaceship, things of that sort but I call it Area 55 as an homage to my mother who’s birth year is 1955.”

The house is orange, oval and it hovers over the ground.

The home is one of a few Futuro Homes that are still standing, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen built less than 100 of these homes as ski cabins in the late 60s to early 70s.

Jackson said it was not easy to find a Futuro home to purchase, he said it was a challenge to find current owners and when he did they were not interested in selling.

He said, “It was putting pieces together like I was a detective almost, and I was able to finally get in contact with a lovely family that was willing to part ways and we worked out a deal.”

The house was eerie and forgotten when he first found it in Wisconsin, it looked nothing like the glamping stay it is now.

But before the renovations, the UFO house had to beam its way to the desert as many of the professional movers passed on the challenge.

Jackson said, “What ended up happening is that we needed two 50-foot flatbed trucks and police escort the entire way from Wisconsin to Joshua Tree.”

There are three Futuro homes in California, but Jackson’s is the only place where guests will be able to rent an overnight stay.

Inside the guests will have a 360-degree view of the desert, along with familiar bed and breakfast amenities.

He said, “Creativity just works in different ways, I would just hope that this is something that could potentially spark that for them.”

It was a couple of years of ingenuity and hard work, but Jackson is ready to welcome his first alien abductees next month, and he hopes the extraterrestrial experience takes off.

Jackson said, “A mark that will be left for a long time especially for my son, you know, when he gets older, you know, it’s like look what your dad build and it’s yours.”

Future guests can learn more about the Futuro home and Joshua Tree’s Area 55 on its social media page.

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