Palm Springs City Council Election: Early Results Released

Palm Springs City Council Election: Early Results Released

Daytona Everett

Polls are officially closed and the early results are in for the 2019 Palm Springs City Council election. As of Tuesday night at 11:17 p.m. these are the Riverside County Registrar of Voters’ website results:

District One: Grace Garner (698), Les Young (483), Scott Myer (249), Michael Shogren (32), Total=1,465

District Two: Dennis Woods (1,101), Adrian Alcantar (483), Peter Maietta (436), Total=2,027

District Three: Geoff Kors (1,367), Alan “Alfie” Pettit (307), Michael Dilger (113), Total=1,811

At Kors’ election party at the Hilton in Palm Springs, several council members, including J.R. Roberts and Lisa Middleton, showed up to show their support.

“Four years ago, our downtown wasn’t built up,” Kors said at the party. “Now look what’s happening we’ve done so much to grow our economy, to build affordable housing, to address homelessness but we can always do more and I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m so grateful to get to work at a job I love, for a city that’s the best city in the world.”

Kors said he has an agenda he plans to roll out over the next few weeks. Tomorrow he will announce a plan that allows people, regardless of age, an opportunity to serve on a board or commission, Kors said. They must live, work or go to school in Palm Springs.

Newcomer Grace Garner also celebrated her lead on Tuesday night.

“We’ve put a lot of hard work into this campaign since day one and this is exactly the kind of results we were hoping for,” Garner said in a phone interview after the results were released. “I know that we still  have to wait for some more to come in but this is looking really good and it’s something to be proud of regardless.”

Garner is a strong force in the Latino community and said this election shows Palm Springs is changing.

“I’m just really proud of what we’ve done here and all the people that we’ve brought together to make this happen and I think it’s part of a larger movement in Palm Springs of making sure that everybody is represented,” she said.

Garner said her main goal as a council member would be to hold a regular district one meeting to hear from the community.

The Palm Springs Mayor, Robert Moon, and City Councilmember, J.R. Roberts will soon sign-off from their current post giving room to new candidates to represent a district within the city.

It is a full agenda for Moon and Robert’s last city council meeting on Wednesday.

Moon said, “About 1,200 hundred pages to review a couple of more times before tomorrow night.”