Exhibit Celebrating LGBTQ Contributions At Palm Springs Public Library For Short Time

Faces of those who made great contributions to history and culture cover the Legacy Wall.

“Alan Turing, the father of computer science. Hes the man that broke the Nazi enigma code in WWII to bring an end to the war saving potentially 2 million lives,” said Creator of the Legacy Project, Victor Salvo.

And while their contributions might be known, who they were in their personal lives was often unknown…until now.

“He was driven to suicide because he was gay. He was arrested and chemically castrated. as his punishment. Astronaut Sally Ride was a Lesbian who came out in her obituary, writing why she waited because she wanted to get funding for a school,” said Salvo.

Everyone on the wall is LGBTQ.

“Making sure that we as a society understand that everyone contributes and that there is real power and strength in diversity,” said Salvo.

“There’s so many activities tied around the legacy wall. We have school children here almost on a daily basis,” said Library Director Jeannie Kays.

“A lot of these kids don’t know anything about people like themselves,” said Salvo.

The wall travels around the United States. It will be in the Palm Springs Public Library until November 23rd.

“We’re all about “edu-tainment.’ We love to entertain and educate at the same time,” said Kays.

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