Destinations ‘Up in the Air’ For Some Air Travelers Ahead of Thanksgiving

Destinations ‘Up in the Air’ For Some Air Travelers Ahead of Thanksgiving

Daytona Everett

Travel is “up in the air” for some customers at Palm Springs International Airport. Some are getting in on time, others are experiencing delays and some are canceling their trips all together.

Palm Springs resident Casey Dill experienced a traveler’s worst nightmare on Tuesday.

“I myself experienced three delays and three cancellations,” Dill said.

He decided to throw in the towel on his Thanksgiving trip home to Redding after an overnight stay at his connecting flight location in San Francisco.

“The airlines aren’t taking care of their customers,” he said. “There was people sleeping on the floor, like I said, hotel rooms weren’t offered, rental cars weren’t offered and people are even having a hard time getting their money back from their flights that were canceled.”

Over in Denver the story is similar. Colorado experienced heavy snow storms on Monday and Tuesday.

“Airport was wild this morning,” Kelly Devitt, a traveler in town to visit family in Palm Springs, said. “It was crazy, I got there two hours early and barely made it to boarding.”

Devitt was one of the lucky ones. She made her flight while about 500 other flights were canceled.

“So very happy to be here,” she said after giving her uncle a hug at the meet and greet area at PSP.

On Wednesday, security and lines ran smoothly at PSP, according to Maddie Stringfellow, another traveler headed home to St. Louis, said.

“Everything is flowing pretty well and everyone is in good spirits because they are going home for the holidays,” she said. “It’s great seeing people out here at the meet and greet and reuniting with their families.”

Stringfellow was in high hopes about returning home for Thanksgiving.

“I have a short layover in Chicago, so that airport I’m sure is going to be so crazy but hopefully we can run and make it on time,” she said.

Others like Casey Dill said they are just happy the traveling is over.

“Right now I’m just happy to not be at the San Francisco airport,” Dill said with a smirk. “Anything is better than that.”

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