First Cannabis Drive-thru Opens in Desert Hot Springs

First Cannabis Drive-thru Opens in Desert Hot Springs

There’s a new addition to the Coachella Valley just off Interstate 10.

“If they are on the way to the Coachella Festival or any other large event we are just two turns of the I 10  Palm Drive exit. This will be our third California location and our first drive-thru,” said Harborside Incorporated Chairman Steve DeAngelo.

This will be the first drive-thru in the southern California, the second in the whole entire state. It allows people to get marijuana from the comfort of their own car.

“There are a lot of people especially here where we have a large senior population who have mobility issues. They have difficulty moving from the car into the building and then standing in line,” said DeAngelo.

Customer Samantha wright

knows all about that.

“I’m a nine time cancer survivor.  When you don’t feel well and you don’t want to interact with people being able to go through a drive-thru and get your consumables to make yourself feel better is really huge for our valley,” said Wright.

Flanked by officials from palm springs and desert hot springs,  both cities happy with the new addition.

“What we see happening is the valley developing into the center of cannabis tourism for the same reason it’s developed into a center for cannabis manufacturing because you have progressive visionary, open-minded local governments who are welcoming this new industry.”

Also at the grand opening grower and actor Jim Belushi.

“I have a farm in southern Oregon where I grow the beautiful cannabis. Steve DiAngelo is the godfather of cannabis. The greatest advocate. And when Steve calls, I come. I’ve learned a lot from Steve,” said Belushi.

Because of a change in the law, drive-thrus are no longer being given the green light.

“Between the time that we applied for and we were granted permission for our drive-thru the state of California changed their regulations,” said DeAngelo.