Donations Being Accepted in Memory of Fallen Firefighter

Donations Being Accepted in Memory of Fallen Firefighter

Sophia Miraglio Connect

A Coachella family is gathering toys to send back to their late sons fire department, in Noel Missouri.  Garret Paiz was killed while assisting with a wildfire in Napa California in 2017. Before his death, one of his favorite traditions with his department was handing out coats and toys to those in need.

“They’re doing this on fire trucks. They sound the siren and kids come running out of homes and they hand them presents. This lady comes out and she only has a shirt on. He says mam you are very cold. And she says that’s alright, I just want to make sure my babies get a present. He handed his jacket right off his back and said this is for you,” said Armando Paiz.

“We keep his memory alive by doing this for him since he’s not with us anymore,” said Judi Paiz.

The family is accepting cash donations or toys. You can call 760-396-2769 if you would like to help. They plan to ship the toys to the fire department on Saturday so they can be there in time for Christmas.