US to deploy thousands of additional troops to Middle East following Soleimani killing

US to deploy thousands of additional troops to Middle East following Soleimani killing

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The US will deploy thousands of additional troops to the Middle East as tensions with Iran mount following the airstrike that killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani, a US defense official tells CNN.

The additional troops will come from the Immediate Response Force of the 82nd Airborne Division.

The Pentagon later confirmed the deployment in a statement provided to CNN.

CNN has previously reported that these forces had been placed on prepare-to deploy orders and would be sent to the region if the situation merited it.

Following the disturbance at the US Embassy in Baghdad earlier this week, the US deployed 750 troops from the same unit and said that additional deployments were possible.

The new deployment will encompass the rest of the brigade, typically about 3,000 soldiers.

The US also recently reinforced the embassy in the Iraqi capital with a contingent of US Marines from a crisis response task force based in Kuwait.

In a dramatic escalation amid tensions between the two countries, the Pentagon confirmed Thursday that the US killed Soleimani, the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, in a drone strike on Baghdad International airport ordered by President Donald Trump.

The force protection levels for all US military forces in the Central Command area of operations had been increased in the last 24 hours, according to two US defense officials.

The level was raised from Force Protection level “Bravo” to “Charlie,” which applies “when a terrorist or hostile act incident occurs within the commander’s area of interest or intelligence is received indicating a hostile act, some form of terrorist action or targeting DoD elements, personnel, or facilities.”

The US had intelligence that Soleimani was in multiple countries in the region, planning specific attacks on US interests, including US personnel, a congressional source briefed by the Trump administration told CNN.

Intelligence showed Soleimani was in Baghdad following Tuesday’s embassy attack to plan future hits on US targets with Iranian proxy forces, a senior administration official told CNN.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNN Friday that the strike was carried out to disrupt an “imminent” attack in the region.

The deployment comes amid threats from the Iranian government of a “harsh revenge” for the killing of Soleimani.

Another senior administration official told CNN that counter terrorism officials are already on the lookout for possible retaliatory actions from Iran and the regime’s various options for reprisal attacks against the US.

Pompeo told CNN that the US, under Trump’s direct guidance, has prepared for all possible responses from Iran and is ready to “respond if that’s what’s required to keep Americans safe.”

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