Congressman Ruiz Honors Local Farmworker’s Life on House Floor

Congressman Ruiz Honors Local Farmworker’s Life on House Floor

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“Mr. Speaker, I rise to remember and recognize the incredible life of Enedina Celiz Rapan,” said Rep. Raul Ruiz, (D) CA 36th Distrtict on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Ruiz used his morning session minutes on the floor of the House floor on Wednesday  to honor the life and legacy of Enedina Celiz Rapan, a humble farmworker from the Coachella Valley, who died at the age of 93 earlier this month.

“Enedina came to America at a young age to work hard and give her children a better life,” continued Ruiz.

But Enedina didn’t just give her children a better life. She fought to improve conditions for her fellow farmworkers, ultimately making their lives better too.

“When she saw injustice she would speak up and get to work to fix it so when she saw farmworkers laboring for hours on end with no bathroom nearby she fought to bring rest rooms to the field and when she saw seniors in the community go hungry, she organized, asking for donations and cooking meals so they could have dinner to eat,” said Ruiz.

Enedina never sought recognition, her reward was in seeing the fruit of her labor against injustice. 

“She used her tireless will and unmatched strength to pick people up, fight for what’s right and make the Coachella Valley a better place for everyone who lives there,” said Ruiz.

Enedina did not amass riches. But she lived a life of service to others. Because she invested in people, her legacy will live on.

“Enedina will be sorely missed but her presence will be felt and her life and inspiration for years to come,” ended Ruiz.

Enedina Rapan’s life will be honored on Thursday night along with the non profit organization she co-founded, Lideres Campecinas.

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