Homeless Count Set for Wednesday In Palm Springs. Tiny Homes Possible Solution to Problem?

Sophia Miraglio Connect

You don’t have to look far to see homeless in palm springs, as many have no place to go.

“No privacy, no sense of self worth,” said Stephanie Adkins.

The homeless population is growing not only in California but the Coachella Valley.

“I’d say there’s several thousand out here homeless,” said Adkins.

Christian Jelmberg is the founder of Street Life Project, he believes tiny homes could be a solution for this big problem.

“The tiny home solution came from our homeless friends on the street,” said Jelmberg.

He traveled to other areas around the country to see how tiny home villages work.

“We found that tiny homes as long as you have a good operating structure as far as your internal management style and with an oversight committee it’s a viable solution for the Coachella Valley. We also want to add vocational training,” said Jelmberg.

So what is a tiny home?

“We actually went to a local builder and created this tiny home. Its an industrialized strength tiny home with quick deployment that we can put up a tiny home in less than a hour.”

For many on the streets a home means more than just shelter.

“If you don’t have an address, its hard to get a job because they want you to have an address when they want to hire someone,” said Collins Mcgriggs.

“I think the tiny home thing would be a good thing. It would give you peace a mind and little privacy and solace that we all need for sanity,” said Richard Neddersen

“I think it would be a wonderful idea. People discriminate against you because your homeless and it’s hard to get a job because they see you walking the street. I’d take it in a heartbeat,” said Adkins.

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