Serial Bank Robber in San Diego Standoff Lived in Desert Hot Springs

Serial Bank Robber in San Diego Standoff Lived in Desert Hot Springs

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Police say 53-year-old Rolanado Fremista took his own life after an hours long stand off in front of Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Police say before that standoff, Fremista robbed a bank at gunpoint in Riverside then led them on a high speed chase.

But a quiet, gated neighborhood in Desert Hot Springs is where he called home.

“It’s really crazy to think that someone that close to us could be involved in something crazy like that,” says Ashleh Belmonte, who lives across the street from Fremista.

She can’t believe the man the FBI says was a suspect in at least six bank robberies in the last ten months, is the same man who would wave at her from across the street.

“We’ve always been neighborly, I‘ve waved at him, he’s waved at me, we’ve always spoke cordially, if we’ve spoken, he seemed like a really cool guy,” she says.

The FBI says Fremista served time for robbing a bank 20 years ago.

A person close to him, who did not want to go on camera, says this was a shock and no one knew what he was up to because he seemed to run a successful business called “Roln Roland Transportation Services”, that included a party bus service.

Belmonte says she feels for his family, “My heart goes out to them and we’ll be praying for them because that can be a hard situation, I wonder if she even knew what was happening, if she even knew what he was involved in.”