What to do if businesses are not following the Governor’s order

Daytona Everett

Governor Newsom has ordered “non-essential” businesses to shut their doors but what happens if they don’t? 

Brooke Federico, Public Information Officer for Riverside County, said the department of environmental health and the county counsel’s office are handling code compliance for businesses.

“Some businesses have been contacted by our county counsel’s office,” she said on Monday. “We’ve simply explained to them that the governor’s order or Riverside County Public Health’s officers order does, in fact, apply to them and we do need them to either close their operations or change their operations if they’re on that essential business list.”

Governor Newsom has a list of essential operations allowed to continue operations but businesses not on that list are deemed “non-essential” and are ordered to send workers home. Some locals are concerned that some of those businesses are “business and usual.”

Palm Springs Mayor Geoff Kors’ partner, James Williamson posted on Facebook in frustration that “previous requests and complaints have gone ignored and no action has been taken.”

“All of them have complied with us,” Federico said. “So, we have no need to continue down the line to do any type of court action.”

In Alameda County, things look a little different.  

“We’re meeting with businesses and when they don’t understand the verbal conversation, we then serve them with a notice,” Sgt. Ray Kelly for Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, said.

Riverside County said law enforcement is being used strictly for safety at this time but businesses could see legal repercussions if they don’t follow the order.

“If they continue to operate even after they’ve been notified then we would refer it to a judge for a temporary restraining order,” Federico said.

The county also said if you see something, say something. As a civilian, you can make people aware that what they’re doing is not in compliance. If you see a non-essential business that’s still operating, you can contact the county environmental health office at (888) 722-4234.

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