Yellow Cab Co. Offering Pick-up and Delivery Service

Yellow Cab Co. Offering Pick-up and Delivery Service

Nico Payne

Yellow Cab  Co. wants to remind people that their services are here to help in this time of need. People can now order a cab for personal errands like groceries and prescriptions at a discounted fare.

NBC Palm Springs went for a ride-along to see how Yellow Cab is providing this service while keeping people safe.

This time of year is usually peak season for Yellow Cab, due to Covid-19 business has changed dramatically.

“We’re doing food order pick up, we’re doing grocery pick up if you need grocery pick-up. You just call in your groceries, pay for them, we’ll deliver them,” explained Anna Julianelli, General Manager of Yellow Cab Co.

And keeping community health in mind, the company is now operating in a more sanitary way.

“All drivers have Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray. We are disinfecting the cabs, after every passenger they are wiping the hard surfaces down, they’re spraying all of the interiors with Lysol disinfectant,” added Julianelli.

Yellow Cab has also removed the middle row in their vehicles to help practice social distancing.

“The passengers can only sit in the very back so that gives some distance there, if they are in a hybrid type of vehicle, they are not allowing anybody to sit in the front seat and we are limiting it to one passenger per vehicle,” said Julianelli.

Around this time of year, the fleet of 51 cabs would be out in full force, but now only 17 are on the roads leaving the rest parked and out of service. Bill Meyers has been driving cabs since 1983 and says this is not the first time business has come to a halt.

“Right after September 11th it was like this, nobody was traveling, nothing was happening, everybody was scared to go out and do anything. and that was a hard battle to come back from. you just had to be really tenacious. and of course, that’s what cab people are, really tenacious,” explained Meyers.

When using this service you don’t even have to be in the cab, they will pick up your orders and drop them off to you!

Simply call Yellow Cabs dispatch at (760) 340-8294 and they will guide you from there.