These puppies got to frolic in a huge aquarium. The fish didn’t seem to care

(CNN) — The Georgia Aquarium is closed to the public because of coronavirus restrictions, so some adorable puppies had the run of the place for a spell.

Carmel and Odie got to scamper around in the aquarium’s underwater tunnel and explore the Ocean Voyager gallery, in a video posted on social media by the aquarium and the Atlanta Humane Society.

The pups, who are siblings, are about 8 weeks old and are probably some sort of terrier mix, Christina Hill with the Atlanta Humane Society told CNN.

“They are very cute and scruffy, aren’t they?” she said.

The puppies didn’t seem too interested in the whale sharks, blackbar soldierfish, rays, bowmouth guitarfish or the other species swimming around in the 6.3 million gallon habitat.

In fact, they were pretty easily distracted and ended up playing with each other and sniffing the air conditioning vents before curling up together for a nap.

The fish, for their part, mostly carried on with their regular business and didn’t pay much attention to the puppies.

A curious grouper did swim up to the window, seeming to check them out.

Carmel and Odie are living with a foster family right now and are not yet available for adoption, Hill said.

The Atlanta Humane Society has about 200 animals in foster homes, Hill said, and is only doing limited adoptions because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But its website does have some dogs and cats that are available to be adopted right now for anyone in the market for a furry friend.

Hill said there’s been a fair amount of interest in adopting Carmel and Odie and that they’ll be looking for a “forever home” once the Atlanta Humane Society reopens to the public.

Want to keep up with the big fish while in quarantine? The Georgia Aquarium has a number of live webcams running, in addition to doing online education programs for people who want to visit from home.


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