Local Company Offering Pet Food Delivery Service

Local Company Offering Pet Food Delivery Service

Nico Payne

Bones ‘n’ Scones in Palm Springs is lending a helping hand to humans and their pets. The company has decided to share the cost with some of their top suppliers to help people that may find themselves out of a job or facing financial hardship.

People can call in their orders or have their pet food delivered, and first responders along health care workers can get their items delivered at no extra cost. Bones ‘n’ Scones has been operating for more than 20 years, and the owners say they are doing this in hopes of keep fur families together and out of the shelter.

“If you’re trapped in your house and you don’t want to come out, you can email your orders, text them do whatever, and if you need us to deliver, we’ll deliver it,” explained Kathy Hart, Co-owner of Bones ‘n’ Scones.

“Even if it’s really just very hard for you to make ends meet because your hours have been reduced or maybe you’ve lost your job, we want to be the ones that say come to us first and let us help,” explained Jay Smith, Co-owner of Bones ‘n’ Scones.

To qualify for the free delivery service, the company is asking people to simply show or send in a photo of your employee badge.