Keeping Kids on Track During COVID-19, Advice From a Mom of 10

Daytona Everett

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While some local school districts are kicking off online learning, others are on spring break. So, how do you keep the kids on track and occupied no matter the circumstances?

Laura Hernandez knows a thing or two. She has ten kids ranging from 10 months to 14 years old. Year-round, she’s homeschooling the kids and helping other mamas along the way.

“I started a company called Mama Systems where I get to consult mamas and help them implement systems in their home that help them have more peace and quality time and be able to do things intentionally instead of just going haphazardly from one thing to the next,” she said.

Hernandez recommends running the home like a business by delegating jobs to the kids to provide structure and stability.

“So many people are just uncomfortable with that and they feel like I’m not doing a good job as a mom if I’m delegating out these tasks,” she said. “So really, just trying to shift the mindset of mamas that they’re not meant to do it all, we’re supposed to function together as a team.”

She said that goes for schooling too whether online lessons are set up through the school district or not.

“It’s so much just about our daily rhythm, right?” she said. “That starts out with creating a schedule and knowing very well that you’re not going to stick to that schedule all day because nothing is going to go as planned because children are involved.”

She said prioritizing can be helpful to keep a routine, too.

“So for us, it’s math and handwriting and reading and if I don’t get anything else done during the day, I want to get those three things done.”

As far as age goes, Hernandez is more hands off with the older kids and is more involved with the “little guys”.

Hernandez has a message for the mamas:

“Be kind to yourself and be kind to your kiddos. One day we’re going to look back at this and we’re going to be talking about the COVID-19 situation, I think about it like how we talk about the Influenza in the early 1900’s, and I want our kids when they think about it, when they’re telling the story when they’re grownups and grandparents, I want them to tell it as like this was the best time.”

Hernandez is using art, physical activity and documentaries to help instruct her kids outside of traditional classes.

For more information, head to her website, On the site, you will find an e-guide for creating chores for your kids, a Mastercourse that walks parents through creating systems in the home and homeschooling resources which include a schedule template and how to create a checklist for your kids.

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