“Ernie Ball’ Guitar String Manufacturer Making Masks

“Ernie Ball’ Guitar String Manufacturer Making Masks

Kitty Alvarado Connect

Eric Clapton, Slash, and John Mayer all have one thing in common: they produce their unique sounds with Ernie Ball guitar strings. Those strings are known world-wide are have been made in the City of Coachella for nearly 20 years.

“Quality is the number one thing that makes them so special, we never go past that, we never cut corners the quality is our number one thing,” says Sharon Chilpa, the human resources manager of the company.

Now in addition to the humming of machines creating these musical strings, you’ll hear the symphony of sewing, serging and scissors  creating masks to guard against COVID-19.

“We’re starting off with providing them completely free to migrant farm workers and to Martha’s Village, as well and to our employees and their families, and then from there we’re opening it up to the public,” says Chilpa.

Right now they make 400 masks a day, and  hope to increase production to make 20 thousand. Something that makes these special, the wire that fastens it to your nose is used to make guitar strings.

There is a huge demand for masks now required in the county, the company could easily turn a profit. 

“Once we open it up to the public we’re going to give them completely free, we’re going to have them order online and we’re going to ship them free, we’re not charging anything, absolutely nothing,” says Chilpa.

This family owned business understands what truly matters: the safety and well being of their employees and community.

Those who work here appreciate their heart.

“I’m a mom, I have a husband who has a heart condition, I have an elderly person living in my house, so to know that I work for a company that is not being selfish and they’re caring about the community it means the world to me,” adding they hope to play a small role in keeping the community they love healthy, “keep yourself safe so that we can keep rocking as a community and together we can get out of this as a community.”