Local Florists Prepare for Busiest Season as Shops Open

Local Florists Prepare for Busiest Season as Shops Open

Regina Yurrita

Governor Gavin Newsom gave the green light for certain businesses to open up during what he calls “Phase Two” for opening up the economy. 

Now florists are trying to prepare for one of their biggest holidays after being shut down for over two months 

The pandemic has uprooted many of these shops. 

Since the closure they were forced to miss out on millions of dollars in revenue from big event orders. 

Now they’re hoping to bloom during this mothers day.

“It’s scary to invest, because you still need capita, you still need money to buy everything,” said Claudia Castro, who owns Mami’s Flower shop in the city of  indio.

Castro and her mother suffered huge financial losses after the family business was closed.

“All the flowers went bad and we did lose out on alot,” said Olga Castro, who is Claudia’s mother. 

Congress approved hundreds of billions of dollars for small businesses, but very few actually received the money. Those that did receive money now have to worry about paying that loan back.

Local mom and pop stores are having to rapidly adapt to a new normal one that relies more heavily on online orders.

 “We have the website open, so a lot of orders have been coming,” said Olga Castro.

Both these business women will continue to share some joy with flowers to families who continue to suffer during the pandemic.

“For the mothers, I mean everyone wants to give their mothers a bouquet,” said Castro.

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