City of Palm Springs Reacts to County Removing Health Orders

City of Palm Springs Reacts to County Removing Health Orders

Nico Payne

Palm Springs was one of the first cities to implement stay at home and social distancing orders, but now the city will slowly begin to reopen. NBC Palm Springs spoke with Mayor Goeff Koors and shares what residents can expect moving forward.

After The County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to remove all health restrictions, including wearing face coverings, enforcement is now up to individual cities like Palm Springs.

“It’s disappointing that the board of supervisors took the actions they did. unfortunately by removing the requirement of face covering and physical distancing when at a store, it’s going to actually hurt businesses as people will be less likely to feel safe going to stores,” said Geoff Kors, Mayor of  Palm Springs.

After implementing some of the strictest orders, golf courses in palm springs can resume operations Saturday after a plan is approved by the city.

“As long as they are six feet apart, they don’t need a face covering, given the heat we felt that’s important. but they should have them with them so if the four people lets say playing tennis at the tennis club are walking in or out together or engaging with the staff of a business like that, they should have a face covering on,” explained Kors.

And as far as wearing face coverings at grocery stores and businesses, Palm Springs residents will still have to cover-up.

“We require physical distancing and face coverings when going into any open business and in other places where physical distancing can’t be accomplished, a face covering will be needed,” added Kors.

Mayor Kors also explains how he has been advocating for bars and restaurants to have more space.

“To allow us to close streets or use parts of the sidewalk as long as we’re meeting ADA and firework requirements. to have restaurants and bars expand their space so they can have more capacity. if we’re unlimited in capacity in those businesses many of them would lose money,” said Kors.

Mayor Kors did want to make clear that if you are jogging or walking your dog with household members, you do not need to wear a face covering, but you should carry one with you in case you are in a situation where you do need one.