Local groups help street vendor and others in similar situation

Local groups help street vendor and others in similar situation

Olivia Sandusky

Less than two weeks after an incident near Indio went viral, change is taking place within the community.

“Throughout the day I just get direct messages on my social media. Folks are just inspired from teenagers all the way up to adults. I get emails throughout the day because it just inspired people to want to help,” said councilmen Waymond Fermon with the city of Indio. 

The councilmen is helping Chuy, the vendor featured in the video who wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.

Together they’ve set up a bank account for the vendor and are helping him move to the Coachella Valley.

Now other groups like Martha’s Village and Kitchen are also stepping in, helping Chuy and people in a similar situation.

“Whether it’s food or financial we have the resources here in the valley and we will point them in the right direction with whatever assistance they need, especially during this pandemic,” said Fermon.

Another business that’s involved is CV Food Trucks.

The group helps vendors become legally permitted, and are now leading Chuy and others through the process.

“After we started talking about Chuy we had so many people reach out and say hey, we want to start our business and what do we have to do,” said Erick Becerril, the owner of CV Food Trucks. “It just kind of sparked that light again and it was like okay there’s some entrepreneurship spirit in here. It touched some people in that not only did they feel bad for him, but they said hey that’s true, what do I have to do to be able to sell my products?”

Becerril has recently had 10-15 new vendors apply for permits after hearing Chuy’s story, and says more help is on the way for businesses.

“We’re working with the city of Indio to get a really cool hub zone for different entrepreneurs and businesses so there will be more opportunities,” said Becerril.

And the support doesnt stop with Chuy.

“He was chosen and we’re gonna help him. When we send him on the right path it will be somebody else that we’ll be helping,” said Fermon.

If anyone is in need of resources, they can reach out to Councilman Fermon directly with the City of Indio. They can also call CV Food Trucks at (760) 668-7066 at no cost.

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