Enough is Enough Protest Garners Huge Turnout

Enough is Enough Protest Garners Huge Turnout

Nico Payne

A highly anticipated protest in Palm Springs turned out to be a huge success. The Enough is Enough protest was created by a group of young ladies who call themselves The young justice advocates.

NBC Palm Springs was at today’s demonstration and shares the powerful messages that were delivered.

A week of protests and demonstrations in the Coachella Valley culminated in Saturday’s event, which saw a crowd of almost 2,000 people eager to share their message of unity and equality.

“I honestly have no words for how well it went, everybody was so respectful during almost all of our guest speakers,” said a member of the Young Justice Advocates

The protests included a series of speakers that delivered powerful messages to a crowd that was listening.

Excerpts below:

“This protest is not to degrade the police officers or call out any race, we are here for unity and equality of our country, we are here to show our pain.”

“So today here is the challenge for us, protest is not just signs and marches, protest means taking action to speak up against something that is not quite right.”

“Don’t weaponize your white privilege, hand-feed me scraps of sustenance and tell me this is justice.”

“and as long as black lives don’t matter, no one can be free.”

Attendees at the event said they were proud to be apart of a peaceful event that sets a good example for the youth in Coachella Valley.

“I was amazed to see a lot of people here, it really shocked me but it a great thing to see the community coming together. I’m concerned for George Floyd because you know, words do need to be heard and justice needs to be served in this country and we all need to fix it because we are the future generation,” said Christopher Gonzalez of La Quinta.

And for those interested in becoming a young justice advocate, new members are welcome.

“Anyone can be a young justice advocate, it’s not just young people you know, we just want to put out there that if you’re a person that sees the injustices happening throughout our nation, and you want change, and you want a better future for our generation and the youth. then you’re a young justice advocate,” said Amor Toland with Young Justice Advocates.

And capping off the list of presenters, from all walks of life, surprise guest Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz delivered this powerful message.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, mommy. I’m through. Those words have shook us to our core, those words have pierced our moral conscience, those words have moved us with hope for action,” said Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz.