Nail Salons Given the Green Light to Reopen in California Next Week

Nail Salons Given the Green Light to Reopen in California Next Week


A big announcement Friday for what’s called “personal care services”, which have now been given the clearance to reopen in California on June 19, after a statewide shutdown over coronavirus concerns.

Friday’s guidance also gives estheticians, full cosmetology services, tattoo parlors, and massage therapists the approval to reopen with some restrictions. These businesses were part of phase 3 of reopening. Governor Newsom has expressed his reluctance to open nail salons too early because the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the state was traced to a Northern California nail salon.

Counties that meet reopening standards are included in this reopening expansion. Riverside County has been in an accelerated path to reopening. Not every personal care service is expected to reopen, because reopening is subject to the readiness of each individual business location.

Some of the requirements for services include: establishing a written, worksite specific COVID-19 assessment plan; training employees on proper safety techniques, providing temperatures checks, social distancing, ensuring guests wear face masks and employees wear face shields at all times. The state’s guide has several other measures that should be followed specific to the type of business, which can be found here.